The Sin Of Gluttony Applies to Moon Jellyfish

JC And The Second Deadly Sin of Gluttony

JC Moon Jellyfish Jelly MommaThis morning I was having a conversation with KC (kept child) about everything Moon Jellyfish and of course she was talking about her beloved son JC and how well he is doing, but appears to be smaller in the morning and how she feeds him twice a day, because he looks at her with those eyes (maybe not eyes) and begs her to feed him.

I informed her JC was a glutton and surely would go down the devils path, unless she avoided the second deadly sin of gluttony.

I tried to tell her that she could feed JC once a day and he would thrive.  She explained that the other JC told her she could feed him twice a day, as long as she kept up with the waste (poop).

I told her, “I feed my boys, once a day and they have doubled in size in a month.” She informed me (she is competitive) that she wants JC to double in a week (this is all in fun, people – she isn’t going to turn him into a gluttonous pig).


Apparently KC doesn’t trust me, though, because she informed me she would call JC at Jellyfish Art and confirm with him.  HELLO, who do you think told me once a day was perfectly healthy?  I totally get it though.  Other’s have given me advice and I say “Thank you so much for your valuable advice.” then I hang up the phone and verify it with JC.

I did this when I had questions about my new tank and the guy I broke up with. He would give me advice, even when I asked for it, I would say, “very cool and thank you so much.” and then call JC.

A Plethora of Baby Brine Shrimp

Baby Brine Shrimp Jelly MommaI have deduced that KC thinks bigger is better and more is divine!  I am not saying she is a bragger, but she didn’t even have the Artemia Hatchery before me and she produces more Baby Brine Shrimp then I ever have.  What is up with that?

Well, apparently her eggs are better than mine and if I want to have Baby Brine Shrimp like hers, well…I should order them from ebay.  Which, I might add, I did just that.

Waiting for the eggs to arrive and I supposed I should thank KC for sharing her Baby Brine Shrimp egg secrets with me.

On a side note, KC did not discover this on her very own.  She learned about these very healthy eggs from the Jelly Care Club on Facebook.





  1. mom on May 2, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    KC is apparently a very competitive person . She always was and you have no idea how hard this was on her mom! SO glad to find out you turned out so well though, I feel better about what I did now . KC is only about 5′ tall, so she might be a bit envious of your height , as well as your jellyfish.

    • Jelly Momma on May 2, 2018 at 7:33 pm

      She is and all that and I so worry for JC. She is definitely going to give him an eating disorder. And while you might have not chosen me (crying)… And would not know, I am a mere 2″ taller. And she should be jealous of Moe, Luigi and Brutus – They are potential pantene boys.

  2. KC on May 2, 2018 at 7:43 pm

    For the record, KC is 5’1 AND 1/4″ tall!!!!! And, by the way, JC has a dream to become a Sumo wrestler, I am just trying to help my beloved son achieve his goals. As if I should deny him his life’s true desire! Poor skinny little guy. I have raised him to believe he can do anything he wants! Wonder where I learned that from…now excuse me while I replace the engine in my car, completely refurbish a piece of antique furniture, learn to speak French and replace the tile in the foyer…

    • Jelly Momma on May 2, 2018 at 8:07 pm

      Oh, she has issues.
      tu as des problèmes soeur