The Moon Jellyfish Have Landed via The Fedex Man

The Moon Jellyfish Have Landed via The Fedex Man
And I Am a Fricken Mess!

Moon Jellyfish Arrived - Jelly Momma

The Moon Jellyfish have landed.

Ding Dong… Dogs barking and I catch my breath.  My god, if only I had taken a photo of the Fedex guy as he handed me my package.  Everyone should all be so lucky to have such a man in our life (sorry honey, I might have a little crush!).

Fedex guy gingerly hands me the box and says “Julie, you have live Jellyfish in here, now you be careful.” – I laugh and say, “thank you…thank you Fedex guy,” close the door and I am a fricken mess.

Breathe Julie…Breatheeeeeee (in through your nose and out through your mouth).  Hyperventilating a bit and might even be getting dizzy.

Oh yeah, it’s only the box, which holds my beloved children.  Put it down and take a photo (breathe), I’m all about the documenting.

Who Do You Call?

I called JC (of course) at Jellyfish Art and he walked me through it step by step. Oftentimes, I am too literal for myself and had quite the time.  I recorded the process throughout the day and I have to say… I am exhausted!

Don’t judge me… It was stressful bringing life into our home.