Nitrates, The Bane of my Existence

Nitrates = Sad Moon Jellyfish

I read an article on Moon Jellyfish Blog that discussed sad Jellyfish and I totally resonated with this.  My boys were sad when they came home and within days, they were losing body parts.

Though, looking back on my early parameters, I don’t believe the sadness was caused by my nitrates.  My nitrates were pretty spot on, it was my ammonia and nitrites which caused their mutilation.

“These high levels will cause your new jellyfish to shrink and/or fall apart.  Nitrates can be removed by exchanging the old water out with new saltwater…” read more.

It’s been a little over a month since I had the crisis with my tank and my sweet Moon Jellyfish.  I have tested my water parameters daily and even went as far as buying another test kit from Salifert, but only for my Nitrates.

Salifert or API?

I have to say this.  The Salifert Nitrate test is a joy to use.  It is easy easy easy and even easier to read then the API Nitrate test.

With the API Nitrate test, you go through multiple steps.  1st, add 10 drops into your vial of bottle one, then you shake bottle 2 for 30 seconds and then you shake the vial for one minute (literally) and wait 5 minutes.  Maybe not a biggie, but after doing the Salifert Nitrate test, why would you go through that and it’s easy to read.  With the Salifert Nitrate test, you add 1ml of water, add 4 drops and then a scoop of the powder.  Swirl it for 30 seconds (swirld not shake) and read in 3 minutes.

Of course it’s more expensive, but time is everything and so is accuracy and ease of use.  I will probably buy the ammonia and nitrite test, depending on how easy they are.  Who knows, I might even splurge and get the ph test kit.

Still cycling the Medusa, which shows 80 nitrates on the API and 100 on the Salifert.  I didn’t take photos of it, but did on the nano tank and (beaming) my water parameters are still perfect.