Moon Jellyfish Consumed as Chips

Moon Jellyfish Consumed as Chips

Moon Jellyfish Brutus Jelly MommaMoon Jellyfish Chips, exactly my thought!  Upon waking, my morning routine was a bit shaken up this morning as I went to the JFA Jelly Care Board on FB this morning.

You might ask, what shook me up?  Just look at the beauty of my babies and you will know why I am horrified.

One of our members posted an article aptly titled “Jellyfish Chips are the Future of Junk Food.”

The image of fried jellyfish has left me feeling rather nauseous and not because science has found yet another way to provide living beings as a food staple to our society, but because, I am a Jellyfish Momma.

Dogs and Cows and now…

Do you have dogs?  Have you seen the horrific news and images of the Yulin dog meat festival in China?

There is no doubt you have and most likely as a repulsed by this lack of humanity going on in China.  I know I am and when I look at my beloved 3 dogs, I am saddened by the brutality of 10’s of thousands of dogs.

India feels similar about their cows, as we do about our dogs.  Cows are revered in India and other countries with a similar reverence toward life.  They are gentle beasts and while we look at them as meat (well, I do not).

Cows are considered to be sacred in many world religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and other more compassionate religions.

Getting Back To Jellyfish As Snacks

Moon Jellyfish Chips Scientific

Credit: Mie T. Pedersen

Scrolling through my newsfeed on FB I saw the ghastly image and proceeded to read the article, which is featured on the Futurism news site.

Certainly an interesting article which piqued my interest and forced (yes forced) me to read further.

In his second paragraph, he gives thanks to the climate change making the oceans warmer and more acidic, which in turn will make even more Jellyfish.

As I continued reading, I found the article which gave the writer (above) his meat for the article.  EurekaAlert takes the article a bit further, though not much.

It goes on to explain in depth, how a group of Danish scientist came together to develop a process in which they could turn our beloved Moon Jellyfish into a crispy like substance, with an “unexpected crunch.”

The article continued on, which then brought me to the scientific article which gave credulence to the entire calamity of gathering these most beautiful creatures for the sole purpose of turning them into a bag of chips.


Ending this with a final note.  I get it, truly I do.  Find something living with nutrients and you offer the masses a product that is healthy junk food.  I speak as an American and we are an entitled bunch that doesn’t consider life forms as anything more then food.  Unless it benefits us.