Moon Jellyfish and Knotted Tentacles

Knotted Tentacles

Moon Jellyfish Knotted Tentacles - Jelly MommaI have noticed the past couple of days, Moe and Luigi have knotted tentacles.  The first time I saw this on them, was after our crisis with the tank, however, once I replaced the broken valve on the pump and managed to get their water stabilized, their tentacles began to flow.

I double checked the tubing for salt buildup and there was none.  I had done this just a few days ago when we did the 50% water change.  Moved the tubing around, flicked it like you would a syringe and turned it back on.  Flow seems to be a bit better, though that could just be wishful thinking.  Heading to petco today to get more Imagitarium salt water for the new tank, which has a stalled cycle.  That’s a completely different topic and one that is frustrating the hell out of me.