50% Water Change – Monthly Maintenance For Moon Jellyfish

50 % Water Change

50 percent water change nano tank jelly mommaWe just did our second 50% water change on the Jellyfish Art Nano 3 (2 gal) tank.  I still have anxiety every time I have to make any change to their environment and even more when we have to remove them from their tank.

While 1 gallon of water doesn’t seem like a big deal, it is half of their home.  If you do it correctly, there will be no issues.  Trust me, I have learned the hard way and have had issues in the past.

The entire event went great without a hitch and their water levels afterward remain perfect.  Praise the Jellyfish Gods!

Eheim Quick Vac Pro

Eheim Power Vac Jelly MommaNot so impressed with the Eheim Quick Vac Pro.  I have no doubt this is amazing for tanks with gravel to get rid of all the dirt and sediment, but for little Moon Jellyfish poop, which is very small little white strings and minimal sediment in the tank.

The vacuum creates a ton of bubbles, which is dangerous for the Moon Jellyfish and takes forever to pick up even the smallest amount of sediment.  I think I stood there for about 10 minutes attempting to suck up the gunk.

I really do prefer the clear vacuum hose I bought my Jellyfish Art as part of my maintenance program.  It took less time then the Eheim and picked up much more.

On Another Topic – Heatwave In The Jellyfish Tank

My Jellyfish tank has run 65 – 68 degrees since I got the tank.  Yesterday, we had a heatwave (90 degrees) and even with the AC on in the house, the tanks went to 72 and 77.  I might have panicked a bit and ordered a chiller and pump for the big tank, which should be done next week and the chiller arriving on Monday.  I will write about its efficiency once I have it installed and running for a few days.




50 Percent Water Change