In The Dark With My Moon Jellyfish

In The Dark With My Moon Jellyfish

In Darkness with Moon Jellyfish Jelly MommaI was online today and chatting with a friend, when the lights began to flicker on and off.  The sky turned dark and the house began to rattle.  I looked over at Moe, Luigi and Brutus and saw their water was moving as well.  My brain instantly went to earthquake and then I heard the thunder.  I thought, no way is this thunder shaking the house and then conceded to the rumble and roars of the sky…this is the biggest thunder storm I have ever felt.  And here I sit in the dark with my Moon Jellyfish.

After the lights went out and windows continued to rattle, I went into sheer panic mode.  My wife sent me a text “Jelly Momma, are you okay?” and I couldn’t respond.  Not only did I not have power, I did not have cell service.  It was as if we were in complete darkness.  What to do, what to do.  All I could think of, if I didn’t get power to my boys, they would surely die.

External APC Power Moon Jellyfish Jelly MommaI pulled out my trusty battery pump that I purchased for my Jellyfish Art Nano tank and found it was futile.  The pump hose for my Kreisel tank was far too large and would not work.  Now what?  I pulled out my APC power supply that I use for my computer equipment and managed to get the pump working, but for how long?


My wife finally made it home a few hours after sending me her first text, only to inform me we had just had a tornado and our region was in mayhem.  What we didn’t know at the time, this was one of the largest tornado’s our region and all of New York has ever seen.  We looked at the APC power supply and saw that it was losing power and we made a quick decision.  She would figure out a way to get to Home Depot and buy us a generator.  In the meantime, we would hope the supply lasted until she returned.

Turkey Baster To The Rescue

The power supply died about 10 minutes after she left for Home Depot and I had to think quick.  Look, I know they could have survived without their pump for 24 plus hours, but why should they have to?  Why should I deprive them of air flow, when I had a turkey baster?  I grabbed the baster with it’s extension and slowly started pumping air into the tank.  I felt as if I was on an episode of grays anatomy as I pumped, counted and pumped.  The boys floated about the tank as if nothing had happened, while I waited for her return.

And then she returned with the prettiest and most efficient little expensive generator I have ever seen.  While I continued to breathe life into the tank, she began the task of setting up the generator.  Within 20 minutes, the Moon Jellyfish boys had air, light and my hand began to relax.  Pumping takes a lot of energy, I tell you.

By The Light Of Moon Jellyfish

Now, I lay on my couch with a pup by my head and two others with my wife on the other end of the couch, as I sit and stare into the light of my Moon Jellyfish tank.  While I don’t know how long we will be without power, my boys are okay, the baby brine shrimp are alive in the refrigerator which is also receiving power and we have a bit of light.  Life is good here on the mountain.

I have been able to get sporadic cellular data throughout the evening and JC from Jellyfish Art and KC my neurotic twin.  They have both been a great help to me emotionally through this ordeal.  JC kept trying to assure me the boys would survive without the air pump for even up to 48 hours, but would I have survived?  I tend to think not.