If I Had A Twin – It Would Be Her

Another Jelly Momma across the pond

I take being a Jelly Momma very serious and often times I am accused of being neurotic and over the top, even bordering on being obsessive and an A type personality.  The latter is not true, I am far from being an A type personality and really pride myself on being both left and right brained (really it’s true).

But something happened to me when I became a Jelly Momma to three Jellyfish.  I flipped out, couldn’t sleep, broke out in hives and cried almost every single day…well, at least for a week.  I won’t plan a holiday, unless I know for certain the person can handle Moe, Luigi and Brutus, because in reality…they are not just Moon Jellyfish, they are my Moon Jellyfish and they are brothers and my beloved son’s.

Moon Jellyfish - Jelly Momma Just look at this photo.  This is Moe with his arm around his brother Luigi.  Why do you ask?  Well, perhaps because Luigi was having a bad day and Moe just wanted to say…”Hey Luigi, it’s okay, tomorrow is a new day and you will feel better, I promise.”

Well, I found my long lost my twin.

I met my soul mate in everything neurotic.  We are convinced we were separated at birth or her Mom gave me away.  I have never met anyone else on this planet, who was as crazy neurotic and obsessed as I am.  And I have to tell you, it feels as if my world is in balance.

Can you imagine being a world where is everyone is cool, calm and collected?  Well, when you are the way I am and you live in such an environment, the earths axis (my soul) goes wonky.  I would say her name (Let’s call her KC for Kept Child), but until I show her this post, which I have not and until she says… Hey GC (Given Child), you can say my name, she will remain simply KC, who has a Jelly son named JC, not named for JC at Jellyfish Art, but the big guy himself.

And… I met her on The Jelly Care Club FB page.  Who knows…you might find your own neurotic twin there.