First Mother’s Day as a Moon Jellyfish Momma

First Mother’s Day as a Moon Jellyfish Momma

kreisel tank moon jellyfish momma Mother's DayWhen I first began this adventure a few months ago, and then the boys getting very sick, I never imagined I would be celebrating mother’s day with my Moon Jellyfish.

Almost two months of loving and caring for these three beautiful Jellyfish and I still can’t believe we have come so far.

In honor of preparing for this Mother’s Day; Moe, Luigi and Brutus promised me they would have an easy time moving into their new mansion.

With the help of JC from Jellyfish Art (no support from the distributor of the tank), we acclimated the boys slowly into the new tank.

Within a few hours, we released them, while figuring out the flow on the Kreisel tank and they have been flowing like birds in the wind.

The water remains in pristine condition and they are in perfect health, absolutely beautiful and best of all, they bring me the utmost happiness.

5 Weeks To Cycle

moon jellyfish dancing jellyfish momma Mother's Day

Altogether, it took about 5 weeks to cycle.  I had a bit of trouble getting the nitrates (above 160) and the nitrites (above 7) for most of the cycle to normalize.

Our LFS told me about Microbe-life special blend, which they use in their tanks and promised me I would be ready in a few days.

They were right!  The nitrites went from 2 to 0 in a few days and the parameters are perfect. The water has never been more crystal clear.

Together with, Moe, Luigi and Brutus, we wish all of you new and not so new Jelly Momma’s the happiest of Mother’s Day.