Family of 6 Moon Jellyfish

The Family of 6 Moon Jellyfish Have Settled In

Moon Jellyfish Family of Five Jelly MommaWhen I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was walk to the tank to check on the kids to be sure everyone made it through the night.  Standing there watching them this morning, all I could think…I blessed.  Here in front of me is a family of 6 Moon Jellyfish and they are mine to care for and to love.

They had a bit to eat last night, though not so much as I knew they would want to reserve their energy, but they ate and slowly pulsed about.  However, today the wee girls ate like their brothers.

I know you can only see five in the photo, but little Calliope wasn’t cooperating and I needed a cup of coffee.

It’s Raining Baby Brine Shrimp

Moon Jellyfish Family Six Eating Baby Brine Shrimp Jelly MommaHaving an artemia hatchery certainly makes feeding so much easier and it’s healthier for them.  I love watching them pulse through the rain of baby brine shrimp and watch as their little oral arms and tentacles catch them.

Apparently, I am obsessed with them, considering this entire blog being dedicated to my family of Moon Jellyfish and the care of them.

The six of them convince me even more that they are social.  They most definitely are tactile and if anyone tells me any different, I am going swat them.

Yesterday, I noticed the girls holding one another up and today, the boys were hanging out with the girls and had their groping arms all over them.

I Want To Hold You

Moon Jellyfish Moe and Athena Family Jelly MommaMoe remains the most touchy feely and I love love love when I see him with one of his arms on his siblings bell.  I picked Pandora to be his girl, but I think he has eyes (yes yes I know) on Athena.

Tomorrow will bring a new day and I know they will be just fine and hopefully they will thrive as well as Moe, Luigi and Brutus have.

I still haven’t decided what I am going to do with the Jellyfish Art Nano 3 tank.  It really is such a great tank and once I figured out my water chemistry, the boys were doing quite well.

I have thought about turning it into a nano reef tank or getting a small baby octopus (kidding).  I talked to JC at Jellyfish Art about maybe starting a dwarf Seahorse tank or maybe a saltwater garden of easy and small coral.

OR, I will just clean it tomorrow as planned and box it up.  Though, I really do need to figure out what to do with the foam.  Maybe I will wait until