Custom Tank Top For The Medusa

Now I’m An Acrylic Tank Top Designer

Medusa Tank TopIt took a few weeks, but I am happy to say we received our Acrylic Tank Top which we had to have custom fabricated.  The company is based in California and worked really closely with me.  We went back and forth with designs and schematics, all the while Deb and I disagreeing over inches and where the valve cut out should be

I am not sure why it didn’t occur to me at the time I ordered the Medusa tank, that it would need a top.  Not only because of what can fall in, but because of the evaporation and the salinity issues this can cause.

I Want To Hold Your Hand!

I had no idea, until I asked JC at Jellyfish Art why my salinity in the new tank jumped from 34 to 42 in a matter of days.  He asked if I got the tank top yet and I said no.  He said the water is evaporating and salt doesn’t evaporate.

Honestly, it is a good thing the tank hasn’t cycled before I got the top for the tank, because this could have killed my babies.


Elaborate On Evaporation Please

After speaking with JC about saltwater evaporation, I went a step further and found this great write up from Saltwater Smarts.  Pretty much in a nut shell, if your saltwater evaporates, your salinity will rise (as JC explained on the phone to me).  Jeff Kurtz from the same site as above, also wrote a cool and informative article – Salty Q&A: Why so Much Emphasis on Evaporation in Saltwater Systems?

Make sure you have a good Refractometer.  I am not sure if mine is the best or not, can’t imagine for $21, but it has worked for me.  Make sure you get the calibration liquid.