Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Chiller for Moon Jellyfish

Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Jelly MommaChill Solutions CSXC-1 Aquarium / Hydroponic Chiller

While we live in the Northeast and the winter provides perfect tank temperature for our Moon Jellyfish, in the summer months, it is another story.

A few weeks ago we had a heatwave that turned my tank from an ocean breeze, to a hot water bottle. The tank reached 77 degrees and while this is the top temperature acceptable for Moon Jellyfish, it is by far not optimal.

I began my search for chiller’s and found the Chill Solutions CSXC-1 chiller, with the help of customer support from Marine Depot.  I ordered my chiller and accessory kit for the CSXC-1 chiller, and began the wait for it to arrive.

Chiller Has Arrived

Our chiller has arrived!.  I started the unpacking and then got online to download the instructions from the Chill Solutions website.  While I was on the computer and talking to JC at Jellyfish Art our power started flicking on and off and we lost power.  Be sure to read my post “In The Dark With My Moon Jellyfish” about how we managed without power with three Moon Jellyfish.

Today, we have power and decided to set the chiller up as we are expecting warm weather and the tank had gotten to a high of 79 degrees a few days before the storm.

Moon Jellyfish do best in temperatures between 65-68, but can be fine at 72 degrees.  My boys have been thriving at about 67 degrees since they came home in March, so I really wanted to keep it going.

Cool Down The Tank

Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Jelly MommaThe entire process from unboxing to completion took us less then 30 minutes.  It was a breeze, or as my wife says “Easy Peasy,” and we went from 72 degrees t0 67.3 in the tank, in about 6 or 7 hours.

We saw an immediate drop within seconds and were able to cool down the tank.

Really, this has exceeded my expectations and I would buy 12 of them, if I had 12 tanks, which I just might wind up with…Oh yeah, I love my Moon Jellyfish.

I want to give a shout out to JC at Jellyfish Art for his guidance today and Christian at Marine Depot for helping me with the product and his love of all living beings and most important, his understanding of how delicate these Moon Jellyfish are, and of course to Chill Solutions for making such a great product that works and is user friendly.


Outfitting The Chiller For The Jellyfish Art Nano 3 Tank

Ryan, our local MacGyver and most mechanically inclined members on The Jelly Care Club on FB, bought the Chill Solutions chiller for his babies.

Ryan had to modify the fittings to make it work for his 2 gallon Nano, but managed to do so and it is working brilliantly.

Chill Solutions Remix

Ok guys, here’s the remix with my new Chill Solutions unit on the JFA Nano tank.

This is a very simple chiller for those who are worried about anything complicated. It does not come with tubing so you can either order it with the unit or buy it far cheaper at hardware store as I did.

The manual is available from their site for download and is also not included.

As I had already ran a different chiller, I had the “J” tubes I made already for the Nano. (See my other posts for how to make them). The new chiller has 1/2 inch fittings. Being this is only a nano, I reduced them to 3/8 inches to keep water flow to/from tanks slower.

*NOTE* When switching fittings on chiller, be sure to use Teflon tape on the fittings threads to seal properly! (the white you see on fitting)*

I also found plastic shavings in the threads of the chiller after removing fittings from machining. Check for this if you are switching fittings to avoid cross threading or these entering your tank. I rinsed mine with distilled water.

I used the inline/external pump as the nano just doesn’t have room inside. I purchased black tubing for looks as it’s hard to hide all this behind the little nano. You can use the silicone or clear too.

The instructions don’t clarify which fitting on the chiller is in or out. I went off the photo they had and connected the IN line on the left when looking at the rear of the unit. Not sure if it matters.

Supplies You Will Need

You will need:
2 “J” tubes
Tubing(size varies depending on install)
6 hose clamps
1 external pump (see other related posts)
2 – 3/8 fittings for chiller if you choose

All parts available at *Menards aside from pump. Hope this helps.

* Menards appears to be the same as Home Depot or Lowes.

Installing The Chill Solutions CSXC 1 Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller in a Kreisel Tank.