Artemia Hatchery – I’m an Executioner

Artemia Hatchery – Baby Brine Shrimp
My God, What Have I Turned Into?

Artemia Baby Brine Shrimp Hatchery I might feel a wee bit guilty about this whole experience of hatching artemia eggs and sending these innocent (insert dramatic) Baby Brine Shrimp to their death.  Can you imagine being conceived only to die?  I really need to get out of my head and just get with the program.

This is for the well being of my Moon Jellyfish offspring; Moe, Luigi and Brutus, who are much more important to me then 10,000 baby brine shrimp.  That’s right…in the scheme of things, they are just food and sustenance.  They are here to nourish my boys.

Artemia Breeder

The Brine Shrimp Hatchery arrived on Friday (same Fedex guy) and we immediately set it up.  It was a bit of comedy of errors for me (what isn’t?) but it worked and we have babies to sacrifice for the betterment of the boys.

Using The Hatchery

It was fairly easy to set up the hatchery.  Just remember to fill up the hatchery to the water line and only use salt water.  Depending on the amount of Moon Jellyfish you are feeding, add a fair amount.

Sadly, you will probably throw many away, as they should be consumed within 3 days.  Make sure you rinse those babies well, as the hatchery water contains a ton of ammonia.