5 Weeks and The Living Is Easy with Moon Jellyfish

Jellyfish are Jumpin’ and the Cotton is High

Moon Jellyfish Jelly Momma

Never in my wildest imagination or my arrogance in thinking I could be the perfect Momma to 3 Moon Jellyfish.  I should have known better, who in their right mind is going to parent children with a scientific name and a scientific name such as; Aurelia aurita?  Well obviously I did and countless others do too.

It’s been a bit over five weeks since Moe, Luigi and Brutus had their crisis and I can tell you, it hasn’t been easy.  Of course, every single minute of every single day stressing over them has been worth it.  Now, I am not so stressed, but can truly enjoy my boys.

Their water remains perfect, they eat fresh hatched baby brine every morning and I have even chilled out with keeping them on a schedule.

Sometimes I just stand there and stare at them.  I remember when Moe had knots in his (what should have been) wispy tentacles?  Well, they are long and flowing and oftentimes when I see their tentacles flowing in their little ocean, I see a Pantene commercial in my mind.

I still can’t believe we are where we are at and I am questioning if I should even move them into the 10 gallon tank.  The water is perfect and they are healthy in their 2 gallon tank.

Sacrificial Moon Jelly

Thinking on how to move them, so I don’t create a massive bio load and send the tank into a frenzy.  The suggestion would be, move one of the Moon Jellyfish first into the new tank, in order to avoid a large bio build up.

It was my first thought when this was suggested to me, that I would have to select a sacrificial moon jelly.  How does a mother choose?  I brought out the old bible, and selected Brutus, as he was the strongest when we got him, so I imagine he will go first and then Luigi and finally my baby boy Moe.

And with that said… I present to you — Moe, Luigi and Brutus, living life as only Moon Jellyfish can.