3 Girls for 3 Boys – Moon Jellyfish

3 Girls for 3 Boys

We now have 3 girls for 3 boy Moon Jellyfish and all is well in the world or at least in the home of Moe, Luigi, Brutus, Athena, Calliope and Pandora.  That was a mouthful!

The babies arrived this morning at about 10:30 and are all settled into their new home.  Acclimating the Jellyfish was stressful (of course) for me, as I always worry about them.  Though anxiety provoking, it was much easier then the first time a few months ago.

JC at Jellyfish Art said something to me, that made perfect sense and pretty much put into perspective why they aren’t all busy about the tank, pulsing like crazy and mingling with the boys.

You Travel A Lot

JC said “You travel a lot, so you should understand how hard it is on their bodies.” – “How do you feel when you have just come back from a big trip?”

How do I feel?  I feel like crap after being smushed in an airplane seat for up to 26 hours and all I want to do is get home and veg.  Well, that’s pretty much what the girls doing right now.  So, thank you JC for putting it in terms that I could totally understand.

When I called and placed my order for the girls, I requested girls and I know they can’t sex them, but I wanted girls and was told that the Jellyfish Whisperer Mitch would make sure he selected 3 very healthy and most beautiful girls.

Pandora is an interesting little thing, she has 3 stomachs and 3 legs.  I just love that she is so special and different.

Introducing Our Girls To The Boys